Hey we put up a sweet vimeo page to highlight all the excellent/terrible videos we took leading up to and during Imagine RIT.  They show us working, us not working, and our installation mostly working!  I’m just kidding our installation worked great.  But they’re pretty fun and you should totally take a look.


I got all the bracelets printed at the 3D printer, and they came out…well, not quite how I built the models. Some parts are completely filled in, where they should have been open. I can’t actually explain how that happened, since I used different methods to create different holes. Some were booles, some were extruded geometry, and some were polygon holes that were manually filled. Suffice to say I’m not completely happy with the results, which took hours of messy processing with a Dremel to fix. In the end, I managed to fix them to the point that they are usable, and moved on to the dangerous and frustrating task of soldering all the parts into them.

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Yes!!! There are about 5 hours till we open the doors on our project for RIT’s Imagine RIT Festival. All the developers have been up all night working on final touches for their games. We have played our games a few times now and are finding things that could improve the user experience. We will continue to stay up all night to make sure our code set and ready to go!!! More Coffee Please!!!

USB cables are stupid expensive. USB patch cables (male-female) are even more so! Instead of buying 15′ cables to run our web cams for like $40 a piece, the innovators at DoodleOodle™ decided to make their own!

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There have been some serious developments as far as tracking goes recently. Since we lost the contract with the Japanese, we have had to scramble to figure out a solution. For now, it appears that OpenCV, a Processing library, will suit our needs. However, the problem of actually tracking people persisted.

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We finally have a logo, the rest were just place holders. WHY DID IT TAKE US SO LONG?
Oh well, I had fun designing it. We’re going to have to add it to our blog and website.

Today the developers are meeting to try to stitch together the games with the hub world. Our first attempt didn’t go so well, but Adam has some ideas. Hopefully this meeting will be a success, we really could use some good news. Imagine RIT is right around the corner. I’ll post again soon with our results.


The latency issue with the multiple web cam inputs has been fixed. Each camera has custom settings that can be manipulated. (HINT: USE SKYPE TO CONFIG YOUR CAMERA(S)!) It is a tedious process but Asa was able to fig-it with-it till the latency settings of the camera output a clear quick visual feed going into Open CV. Once all four cameras have been set correctly the visual feed is flawless without any annoy and choppy visual effect (latency)!!!!

13 Days till the presentation!!!

One of the ideas we initially had last quarter was to allow users to create content for our games.  Using a doodle app (working on our website) they could draw powerups that they could then collect in the game.  We had one end of the system working, the ability to create doodles, but we needed a way to incorporate them into the games.  So when i got a few hours free I decided to give it a go.  And what do you know I figured something out.  The first part is a php script on the server that supplies Flash with a filename list of a certain directory when asked.  Flash then goes through that list and figures out which files are image files that it wants.  It then loads one at random and places it in a movieclip setup beforehand.  The background is a scrap of paper and the holder for the image is set to multiply so that the black and white doodle looks like it was drawn on the paper scrap.  The games can then use this created Object where they want.  I was really happy that this worked successfully and was not terribly complicated.  Now we may or may not actually implement it depending on our time frame leading up to Imagine RIT.  The thumbnail shows a my basic implementation of this system.  The mug doodle was randomly selected from the approved image folder.

After the fall of the contract with us and Tokyo, we decided to go back to our old research into Open CV.

Many times previously we struggled to get Open CV installed and running, but somehow Evan was able to get it to work. We modified a webcam to only take in Infrared light.

An example of a homemade Infrared Web cam is here:

The input coming from the camera is generating blogs (Ex: bright white circles) with the help of Open CV.

We have been doing IR tests with 4 web cam inputs coming into Open CV at once.

Now we are having trouble with latency. So back to work… oh man pong still has to be resided too… stay tuned!